Summer Camps & Daycares

The Euclid Public Library is happy to accept visits from Summer Camps and Daycares over the summer.

It is ideal if camps and daycares contact the library ahead of time to let us know you are coming. You can call 216-261-5300 x4 to inform staff of your visit.

For your convenience, we would like to inform counselors and teachers about what to expect when they visit the library. 

  • All campers and counselors must wear a nametag or a t-shirt that identifies their camp. The camp or daycare is responsible for providing nametags if shirts are not an option.
  • Counselors must remain in the Children's Area and supervise campers at all times. Camps/groups with counselors/adults who are not supervising the children will be asked to leave. All library rules apply.
  • Notify the Youth Services staff if the group will be coming on a regular basis (same time, same day of the week, same number of campers, etc).
  • The library permits light snacks and beverages. Hot meals and lunches are not permitted in the library.
  • Eating is not permitted at the computers.
  • Camps and other large groups will not be permitted to use all of the computers or iPads at the same time. Some must remain available for the general public.
  • If two or more camps are in the library at the same time, the number of computers and iPads that may be used by groups may be limited even further.