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How to get your child a library card:

Your child may get his or her own library card as soon as they can write their first name. Parents or guardians need to fill out and sign the application for their child's card and show valid state identification. We think that getting a library card is so important that our Friends of the Euclid Public Library will provide your child with a special gift when they get their first library card.

Children's Library Card

How to raise a reader:

Surround yourself with reading material. Books aren't just homework! Incorporate books, magazines, and other readable items into your daily routine.

Make a big deal about books. When you explain why grass is green and who Frederick Douglass was, tell your child which books help you know these facts. Let your child know that reading equals knowledge.

Buy or borrow books together. Make sure you go to the library with your child in tow. Even if you aren't looking for a particular item, practice browsing and admiring books together. Make an event out of a library trip. Make your trip the same day of every week and talk it up throughout the week.

Model good reading behavior. Designate an hour of each day to reading time. Read a book for pleasure with your child present. Your child will want to read if you prioritize reading for yourself even if it's a magazine.