Discussing Race EEK Kits

Euclid Public Library has added a new topic to its collection of Educational Enrichment Kits, also known as EEKs. EEKs provide families, caregivers, and educators with curated kits of toys and manipulatives that target the building of a specific skill or knowledge base for babies, toddlers, and early elementary students up to First Grade. Previously curated EEKs have focused on kindergarten readiness skills such as counting, the alphabet, fine and gross motor skills, storytelling, sensory experiences, and concepts such as sorting, matching, sequencing, and pattern identification.

EPL’s newest Educational Enrichment Kits focus on discussing race with children. There are two different kits. Each kit comes with five (5) picture and board books as well as four (4) multicultural family puzzles. The selection of books and puzzles in each kit is different. The kits come with a deck of ABCs of Movement cards, multicultural peg dolls, and an unbreakable mirror. They also come with a manipulative — one kit has a basket of multicultural plush dolls, while the other comes with multicultural cloth nesting dolls that address fine motor skills with zippers, buttons, and other fasteners.

The new EEKs include activity cards specific to each of the included books and a four (4) page toolkit for having conversations about race with children. The toolkit addresses racial literacy, how babies and children learn, tips for having tough conversations with your child, a glossary of terms, and links to online interactive elements for further reading and learning. Feel free to use our toolkit and activity cards to help guide your conversation and your child’s learning.

EPL believes that all families should have the support and resources they need to raise healthy, creative, curious, and well-educated children. Having honest discussions with young children about race and racial equity is one of the best ways to bring up the next generation to be an anti-racist force for social justice. We hope our Discussing Race Educational Enrichment Kits make it easier for you to have these discussions with your children.

Educational Enrichment Kits are not available for hold via the library catalog. We encourage you to stop by the Children’s Area to see our available selection of EEKs the next time you visit the library. EEKs may be checked out one per adult library card.