Annual_Report_2022 UPDATED 6-13

631 East 222nd Street Euclid, Ohio 44123 (216) 261-5300 EPL Excellence Professionalism Learning Kacie V. Armstrong Director David Piskac Fiscal Officer BOARD OF TRUSTEES Carmen Epps President Allen C. Hufford Vice President Janeen Copic Secretary Jerry McPherson Frank Barberio Ray Ford Larry Cielec 2022 BRIDGE PLAN FINAL UPDATE 2022 YEAR IN REVIEW Euclid Public Library continued to achieve our mission of Excellence, Professionalism, and Learning during a challenging time in our community and world. As COVID-19 cases in the Greater Cleveland area decreased, the library was able to partially reopen in January, followed by the return of all library services in March 2022. The Ohio Library Council recognized Director Kacie Armstrong with the 2022 Librarian of the Year award. This special recognition was in honor of her work on the 2020 Census and addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts for public libraries. For the first time, the library became a community partner with the Cleveland International Film Festival and promoted a family-friendly children's movie. The Friends of EPL brought back their beloved spring and fall book sales, offering used books, movies, and music for all ages at affordable prices. The library scheduled serveral mobile gaming truck appearances to offer fun outdoor gaming activities to young people and families during the summer months. Euclid Public Library partnered with the Cuyahoga County Astronomical Association to host a stargazing event for the the first time. Participants were able to view the Moon and Saturn using high-powered telescopes. The library was proud to partner with Ohio Means Jobs, Cleveland-Cuyahoga County, Cuyahoga County Job and Family Services, and Aspire Greater Cleveland to offer computer job training to patrons. This program helped residents to prepare for in-demand office jobs and successfully complete Microsoft . Euclid Public Library began envisioning the future of the building. In an effort to stay connected with the public and be up to date on the community's needs, the library invited patrons and staff to take part in a survey and provide ideas and feedback on what services were needed and what the new library building should look like. A Master Faciltiy Plan was completed by Bialsocky Cleveland with the support of our owners representative RFC Contracting. This was a unique year for Euclid Public Library, and we are excited to keep moving forward in the future.

BY THE NUMBERS Facebook Followers 3 For Me cards issued Teen Triad cards issued Passport Executed Population served Total Annual Expenditures Materials Expenditures Percentage of Expenitures spent on materials Days/Hours of service per week staff members Percentage of professional librarians on staff 1.9K 416 663 371 48,496 $6,193,080 $599,630 12% 7/63 61 21% LIBRARY COLLECTIONS THE WAYS YOU NEEDED US Items borrowed Hoopla items borrowed eMedia items borrowed Mobile Hotspots CD and Playaway circulation Computer games loaned Computer usage Physical visits to our building Program participation, all ages Meetings in public meeting rooms Attendees for public use of meeting rooms Questions answered at all public service desks DVDs borrowed from Adult Department New library card applications Items circulated through interloan Children's iPad uses 662,985 13,905 75,562 3,664 18,243 3,891 36,463 169,033 22,421 309 4,340 60,056 107,943 2,209 133,728 1,398 Books 224,071 Audiobooks & CDs 22,287 eMedia/eBooks (Overdrive) 61,657 Magazines 4,644 Movies 126,171 Property Taxes (City of Euclid) $ 2,967,523 52.85% Public Library Fund (State Revenue) $ 2,279,419 40.59% Intergovernmental Revenue $ 268,656 4.78% Fines and Fees $ 3,175 0.06% Other Revenue $ 96,420 1.72% ______________________ Total Revenue Before Advances $ 5,615,193 100.00% Advance-In $ 550 ______________ Total Annual Revenue $5,615,743 GENERAL FUND REVENUES Salaries and Benefits $ 3,396,873 69.42% Utilities and Purchased Services $ 775,062 15.84% Library Materials and Information $ 599,630 12.25% Supplies $ 73,194 1.50% Capital Outlay $ 29,854 0.61% Other Expenditures $ 18,467 0.38% Total Expenditures Before Advances & Transfers: Advances-Out $ 0 Transfers to Building Fund $ 1,300,000 Total Annual Expenditures $ 6,193,080 GENERAL FUND EXPENDITURES _____________________ $ 4,893,080 100.00%